Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Making up for missed workouts

As you can tell by this myfitnesspal graph two days of Christmas celebration can set you back a few days. It was a great Christmas so I am not going to lose any sleep over gaining a few pounds. I know I will easily take these back off over the next few days. There is still a lot of Christmas baking hanging around the house so some disciple will be in order. Tonight is supposed to be Insanity Core cardio.  I didn't workout the 24 or 25th because we had a lot of company over. I might try to get an extra workout in to make up for two lost days.  We will see how my energy is after the first workout. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Core Synergistics

I am on week 4 of the P90x -Insanity hybrid, which is a recovery week- or an easy week. The last Insanity workout was pretty low intensity compared to the rest of the Insanity workouts. Tonight was P90x core synergistics. I was expecting this to be easy, but it was a little more challenging than I expected. I burned 460 calories in a 58 minute workout. Most of the workouts with a little more cardio I burn a few more calories -but this one did do the trick. I am not so solid on the core work-so I was sweating. Anyway the goal this week is to try to get in some workouts done to stave off the Christmas weight gain.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

So about 8 months ago we go on this trip to Mexico. I couldn't believe the photos of myself on the beach or by the pool now I have been working out for years, never too impressed with the results but before this trip I had let myself go. I decided I never wanted to look like this again. I was doing a little bit of running so I decided to add a little p90x to the mix. We booked another vacation in Los Cabos and I was determined to look better on the beach. Exactly 7 months later I stepped on the plane 35 pounds lighter. I was pretty happy with the results but it made me think if I could do this- how good of shape could I get into I am just starting week 4 of a P90x -Insanity hybrid. It is kicking my butt but I am getting I great shape. Maybe after two 90 day rounds it will be time to schedule another Mexico trip.